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Damp in the Home Advice Q&A



Possible causes


Water on the inside of windows and glass



Failed or poorly fitting windows or frames

Humidistat fan to reduce condensation


Add trickle vents or replace windows


Passive ventilation

Damp and mould on internal walls (above 1.2m)



Penetrating damp


Rising damp (if ground level outside is higher than inside)

Add better ventilation / extraction


Membrane damp proofing


Cavity drain system


Chemical render system

Damp and mould on internal walls (up to 1.2m)


Rising damp


Lack or failure of DPC (damp proof course)


Penetrating damp (if ground level outside is higher than inside)

Integrated membrane damp proofing system, replace or install new DPC if required


Damp proofing injection and chemical render damp proofing system

"Salt lines" on walls


Decaying skirting boards

Damp patches on exterior brickwork

Bricks porous, or failed pointing

Treat with silicone based rainproofing system


Repair pointing

Damp, musty smell but no visible signs of water

Growth of damp spores behind stud walls

Membrane damp proofing system, or chemical render damp proofing system

Damp in stone properties or solid-walled buildings

Lack or failure of adequate DPC

Rising and/or penetrating damp

Membrane damp proofing system using Oldroyd Xv Membrane to retain character and curves of old feature walls

Chemical render / cementitious tanking

Damp, musty basement

Disused underground spaces are particularly susceptible to severe damp problems and need expert treatment

Cavity drain system with sump and pump to allow easy egress of water and keep the area warm, dry and habitable.

Always consult a dedicated basement conversion / damp specialist before starting works.

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