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Choosing A Damp Proofing Company

Damp proofing company - Basement conversion specialists, cellar tanking in Chester, Cheshire, Shrewsbury, Telford, Oswestry, Shropshire, Welshpool, Wrexham, Clwyd, Powys, Gwynedd, Ceredigion, Mid Wales and North Wales
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A Brief History...

Conifer Property Services Ltd and Conifer Basements have been trading successfully since early 2009 but our combined experience goes back, what seems like, way into the depths of time! Our main thrust is obviously damp proofing and basement conversions but because we, as people, have come from different areas of the building industry we can tackle a multitude of construction related projects.

We usually do this because we have cured a damp problem somewhere and the customer wants us to do other work for them because they've learned to trust us. This breadth of experience makes us better at our specialties because everything affects everything else after all!

Wise Old Sage...

Over the years we have gained a lot of experience with all types of damp proofing work and basement conversions, etc. We have also undertaken large barn conversions complete with full extensions, large concrete and steel retaining walls covered in stone, garden decking installation and design, etc., etc. It seems endless when you look back! It would be easy to say that we've seen it all…however, we see that attitude a lot in the building industry and we believe it can lead to hubris; after all, every day is a school day as the saying goes! Every job is different and we believe they should be treated so. We have to come up with unique solutions all the time, and this is literally true, especially with old buildings that have been built in "interesting ways". We always try to ensure that our customers can have confidence in us. Whatever problems or puzzles may present themselves, we will always find a solution!

damp proofing company, basement conversion specialists, garden decking, Waterproofing, Chester, Cheshire, Shrewsbury, Telford, Oswestry, Shropshire, Welshpool, Wrexham, Clwyd, Powys, Gwynedd, Ceredigion, Mid Wales, North Wales

Small but Tough!

One of the many benefits that you find in dealing with a small, but professional company (apart from the fact that we actually know and care who you are!) is that the firms that "make it" have had to adapt and problem solve every day of their lives because there is no-one else to call on! This makes this type of company competent and strong! We believe that Conifer Property Services Ltd exhibits these strengths and values and we're proud to be a hard working, small company.

Lastly on this point, and with all humility, one of the things that we really think speaks to the character and determination of our little company is this: We've had to go many "extra miles" both in terms of service and promotion (not to mention geography!) to survive through the worst recession in living memory; we design and produce all of our own web and marketing material to keep costs down and we trade in the construction industry from a location where we are not indigenous - but we're still here! This commitment, determination and imagination we offer to our customers, (past, present and future) and we sincerely thank you for your business and for choosing Conifer!

Customer Service - Do Unto Others...

That's a big thing for us, we will always do everything we can to make any project as easy as possible for our customers. More than that, we are easily contactable and even if we do miss a call (which isn't often), we'll always get back as soon as possible. We reply to all emails and, this is a big one, courteously too! It seems that the first casualty of the IT age was manners, but that's a discussion for another day :o) Most importantly, we will keep you informed every step along the way, especially if there has been a delay! You will never be left wondering, "What is going on?" Nor will you be dumped in the middle of a project while we buzz off somewhere else! This is a matter of pride and principle for us, simply because we always hope to be treated the same way ourselves. At the end of the day, all we want is to work and earn our living and all you want is your home fixed/improved and to be kept informed... it should always be that simple.

Conifer damp proofing are a specialist damp proofing company working on basement conversions, tanking and garden decking in the Chester, Cheshire, Shrewsbury, Telford, Oswestry, Shropshire, Welshpool, Wrexham, Clwyd, Powys, Gwynedd, Ceredigion, Mid Wales and North Wales areas.

An Englishman's Home is His Castle...

In terms of your property, we start with respect. This begins with boot covers, roll and stroll carpet protectors, sheeting, etc. but goes much deeper than that for us. It is the nature of our business that many of the properties we visit and work on can be older or even very old. We have a genuine interest in old buildings and history generally and it is surprising how this can often provide insight into how to treat some of the problems that old buildings suffer with. We try to retain and even enhance character wherever possible. We also have a lot of experience with reclaimed materials so if you want your 400 year old cottage to be dry and warm, but still look like your 400 year old cottage… call Conifer! On the flip side we have often built character into buildings that have been stripped of theirs, or never had any in the first place. It is our opinion that character should however, be applied with intelligence. What we mean by this is simple, if you are attempting a look and feel from 200 years ago there are ways of achieving this convincingly. Back in the day, they may not have had our modern methods of construction but it is fair to say that they never went outside a building and painted the odd brick here and there! Nor did they attack beams with a chainsaw or leave their plastering in a mess to look "distressed" - We find that this only distresses the owner!

Not at all wuff around the edges!

Our small team are all polite, approachable, helpful and trustworthy. We are all doggie people too so don't worry if you have pets - we love 'em!

Thank you for taking the time to read about us, we look forward to working with you...

For more information call Conifer Damp Proofing on 0800 001 4213

We have worked all over the UK but the areas we cover regularly are in the Chester, Cheshire, Shrewsbury, Telford, Oswestry, Shropshire, Welshpool, Wrexham, Clwyd, Powys, Gwynedd, Aberystwyth, Ceredigion, Mid Wales and North Wales region.

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