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Basement Pump Systems

Conifer Damp Proofing - Basement sumps and pumps,  Shrewsbury and Shropshire

Internal cavity drainage systems (such as the Oldroyd Cavity Drain Membranes and Aquadrain Channels Conifer install in and around Shrewsbury, Chester and Mid Wales) are a common choice for waterproofing new and existing basements. Instead of physically holding back water pressure (like traditional cementitious tanking systems), cavity drain systems divert groundwater passing through a building's fabric to a suitable discharge point usually a sump and pump for underground applications.

Basement sump and pumps are essential to the drainage system and must therefore be of a high quality and capacity in order to deal with anticipated levels of water ingress. The Safeguard SentryTM range of sumps, pumps and accessories have been designed with this in mind in conjunction with pump specialists Edincare to provide a solution for basements of any size.

BS8102 - Dry Basements

In situations where a property owner believes that their basement is merely "damp" and has never flooded, the necessity for a sump and pump is often questioned or ignored. However, it should be noted that the British Standard which covers basement waterproofing (BS8102) states that it must be assumed that water will come to bear against the basement (or the structure) at some point during its lifetime. For this reason, professional basement waterproofing companies (ourselves included) are likely to insist that a sump and pump is fitted as part of any cavity drainage basement waterproofing system. It is worthy of consideration that professional structural waterproofing companies are unlikely to offer a guarantee for an underground system which does not include a pump or other form of adequate drainage.

Safeguard Sump Systems

No mechanical sump and pump system can ever be 100% risk free. However by using high quality components and thoughtful design, the risk can be minimised. For this reason, all Safeguard sump systems benefit from the following features:

  • Large 100 litre capacity sump chamber
  • High capacity Ama Drainer 303 pumps
  • Dual power mains/battery alarm
Ama Drainer 303 pumps have been chosen because of their high engineering standards and high capacity discharge capabilities. These pumps can provide high pumping capacity even in situations where water needs to be discharged several metres above pump level (a common requirement in basement situations).

Which Sump and Pump System Should I Choose?

There are two main considerations when choosing a pump system:
  • Anticipated water ingress
  • Potential consequences of the basement flooding (risk versus cost)

Whilst the entry level "SentryTM Single System" we install is likely to be sufficient for most domestic basements, homeowners may wish to consider the "SentryTM BB" model which benefits from an additional battery powered pump which can function for a period of time in the event of a power cut (NB: Particularly were power cuts are more likely or regular, such as rural locations with overhead power supply). Where additional security is required or where higher than normal levels of water ingress are anticipated (such as in larger basements) the "SentryTM Twin" model may be preferred to provide enhanced backup and/or additional pumping capacity. Where particularly high levels of water ingress are anticipated, several sumps and pumps may be required.

Conifer Damp Proofing will be able to suggest the most appropriate solution for your basement, providing information which will allow you to consider the options and make an informed choice.

Aquadrain Drainage Channel

Aquadrain perimeter drainage channel is laid around the perimeter of the basement at the floor-wall junction and is designed to direct water to the SentryTM sump chamber and pump.

Six reasons for choosing SentryTM Sump Systems:

Conifer Damp Proofing - Basement sumps and pumps,  Chester and Cheshire West
  1. Aquadrain Inlet Sockets
    Pre-formed inlet sockets made to fit perfectly with the Aquadrain drainage channel system.

  2. Full-size 1.25" (38mm) Output Pipe(s)
    Allow pumps to work at full capacity. Integral quick fit connectors allow rapid and simple replacement of pump at the end of its working life.

  3. Tough 100 litre Capacity Chamber
    Reduces the frequency that the pump is activated prolonging the life of the pump. Manufactured from robust impact-resistant polyethylene.

  4. Integral Fixing Bracket
    For robust internal fixing of float switches, spaced accurately to keep switches clear of cable entanglement.

  5. High Capacity Pump
    High specification, high volume Sump Pump; capable of pumping high volumes of water well above sump level.

  6. Raised, grooved step
    Raised step for backup pump is grooved to act as a silt trap. This helps to keep the 'occasional' battery powered pump clear of sump silt so that it is always ready for emergency action.

The Sentry Range of Sump Systems

Sentry Single Pump System 1:

The standard SentryTM Single System has been designed to suit typical domestic basement waterproofing projects*. The SentryTM Single System benefits from a large 100 litre sump chamber, an powerful, high quality pump and a dual power alarm. All internal plumbing is detachable for maintenance/replacement. The sump chamber has been specifically designed for basement waterproofing applications and benefits from a 450mm x 450mm square opening allowing standard sized access covers to be used.

Standard System includes:

  • 1 x SentryTM Sump Chamber
  • 1 x High Capacity, High Quality Pump
  • 1 x Dual Power Alarm
  • 1 x Access Cover

* Where consequences of water entering the basement are severe, consideration should be given to a backup system such as the SentryTM Twin and SentryTM BB sump systems. As the pumps we install are continually being improved, actual supplied units may vary slightly from illustrations shown.

The image below shows the Sentry Single, Sentry Twin and Sentry BB (battery back-up) systems.

Conifer Damp Proofing - Basement sumps and pumps,  Mid Wales

SentryTM Twin Pump System 2:

The SentryTM Twin Pump System is designed for situations where a higher level of water ingress is anticipated for example, on larger basement projects or where additional backup is required. Two pumps provide additional pumping capacity and backup (in the event of failure of one of the pumps). The pumps are set at different levels in the sump chamber to help balance the demand between the two pumps minimising the stress placed upon each pump. Dual outlet pipes allow pumps to operate at full capacity independently.

Twin System includes:

  • 1 x SentryTM Sump Chamber
  • 2 x High Capacity, High Quality Pumps
  • 1 x Dual Power Alarm
  • 1 x Access Cover

SentryTM BB (Battery Backup) Pump System 3:

The SentryTM BB System has the same benefits and efficiency of the standard SentryTM Single System with the added reassurance of a Battery Backup pump in the event of a failure such as a power cut. This ensures that the sump is able to operate for a period of time allowing peace of mind against the risks of flooding, especially when power failure is more common in times of heavy storm weather (particularly in rural locations or areas with overhead power supply).

Battery Backup System includes:
  • 1 x SentryTM Sump Chamber
  • 1 x High Capacity, High Quality Pump
  • 1 x 24V Battery Backup Pump
  • 1 x Dual Power Alarm (incorporated in pump control panel)
  • 1 x Access Cover

Pump Performance

All of the SentryTM Sump Systems utilise the same Ama Drainer 303 high capacity pumps, benefiting from the following features:

  • Quiet operation.
  • Built-in non-return valve.
  • High flow rate.

Pump Specification:

  • Power Supply: 230V/1/50Hz
  • Outlet Diameter: 1.25" (38mm)
  • Solids: 10mm
  • Maximum Flow Rate: 200 Litres/min
  • Head of Water: 12 metres

Full pump specifications available on request.

Dual Power Alarm System Reassurance

All models in the SentryTM range feature Edincare dual power alarms as standard. These alarms run on mains power, but switch to battery power in the event of a power cut or other mains failure. The battery is trickle-charged and will last for several years before it needs replacing. The alarm is triggered if the water rises above the normal operating level. On the SentryTM BB model the dual power alarm is incorporated into the control panel.

Battery Backup Pump Option

The SentryTM BB sump system includes a battery-powered backup pump, dual power alarm and control unit. This allows water to be pumped away for a period of time in the event of a power cut or failure of the primary pump. The system is triggered if the water rises above the normal operating level within the sump chamber, activating the alarm and 24V battery-powered backup pump. A full technical specification is available on request.

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