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Oldroyd Cavity Drain Membrane System

Conifer specify only the best quality materials for our customers. Most commonly used in modern basement conversions and stone barn conversions is the Oldroyd Cavity Drain Membrane System. This type of system is also known as Type C Structural Waterproofing. Using a variety of specially engineered polypropylene membranes with Oldroyd, self sealing brick and plaster plugs and tapes we can turn a damp, smelly, underground room or an old musty barn into a warm, modern living space.

Cavity Drain Membrane Systems by Conifer - cavity drainage system, membrane damp proofing, oldroyd cavity drain, cavity drain basement, basement waterproofing, barn conversion

There are a range of cavity drain membranes available, so the right product can be tailored to individual jobs. Cavity drain membranes can be used in conjunction with drainage channels (such as the Oldroyd Aquadrain Channel) and sump-and-pump systems such as the Sentry sump system in basements or cellar situations.

Cavity drainage systems are suitable for damp proofing walls, floors and even vaulted ceilings if applied correctly. They can be applied in a variety of situations, not just for waterproofing or tanking basements. Many barn conversions, bank houses, renovation and even new-build projects can benefit greatly from membrane damp proofing.

The multi-layer technology of Oldroyd's cavity drain systems results in increased membrane strength and a lack of bending or warping which can sometimes be found in other cavity drain membranes.

Many of the membranes in the range are also made with 49-70% recycled plastic, giving some peace of mind for the environmentally concerned. The picture above shows a combination of Oldroyd Xp Plaster Membrane and Oldroyd Xv Clear Membrane - on this project some of the wall was to be covered with insulated stud-work and other areas were to be plastered directly to save space.

We offer a complimentary advice service on selecting the appropriate cavity drain membrane system for your property, and provide full specifications for cavity drain membrane systems in basements and barn conversions, renovation work and damp proofing for stone walls or solid wall (non-cavity) construction across the Chester, Cheshire, Shrewsbury, Telford, Oswestry, Shropshire, Welshpool, Wrexham, Clwyd, Powys, Gwynedd, Aberystwyth, Ceredigion, Mid Wales and North Wales areas.

The Oldroyd Membrane System provides the following benefits:

  • There is no pressure on the damp proofing system or the structure, the water is simply allowed to follow the easy path back to the ground or other path of egress;
  • The walls are still allowed to breathe to some degree as there is at least 5 litres of air per sqm (often more) behind the membrane, this space can be sealed or vented as required;
  • Environmental note: In addition to its damp proofing properties, the membrane creates a small air gap, due to its profiled shape; this improves the U-Value of the wall. If unventilated, the air gap is not big enough to allow convection and so is an effective reducer of heat loss (double glazing works in a similar way). This coupled with plasterboard fitted using the 'dot and dab' method (if appropriate) gives two cavities in an otherwise solid wall which is beneficial in two ways. Firstly the cavities create a thermal barrier, as stated, which helps with the energy efficiency of the building. Secondly, because the surface of the wall is not cold due to this cushion of air, this greatly combats condensation which is of course a major cause of the more obvious and often misunderstood signs of dampness such as mould and smells; Even without secondary insulation the membrane system will help to make the building more 'energy efficient' and take away the cold clamminess to the exterior walls making them feel warmer to the touch. This coupled with the eradication of damp and associated smells in the atmosphere all helps to make a healthier, more comfortable environment. Oldroyd membranes are made of 70% recycled material and are recyclable again at the end of their intended life-spans (more than 50 years expected);
  • The Oldroyd Cavity Drain Membrane System is resistant to sulphate attack so all internal finishes will be fully protected from hydroscopic salts for decades;
  • Often, little or no preparation is required, the membrane can go straight over existing plasters and wall coverings as long as they are reasonably sound. As well as saving a lot of mess and waste, removing a structurally sound, if damp, render can often leave the wall in a weaker state;
  • Traditional cementitious methods are mixed by hand and as such are susceptible to imperfections, they are constantly under pressure to repel water which also retains the water in the wall (this can lead to frost damage, structural loading and other problems) and also they have a much shorter intended lifespan – Oldroyd membranes have none of these problems;
  • Membranes are flexible and will not crack or leak during the seasonal movement usually found in old buildings. If a traditional, waterproof render cracks water will find a way through to the plaster again and cause damp issues.

Should you need to create fixings to a cavity drain membrane system we offer a few hints at our fixing to cavity drain membranes blog

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